Improving human performance is where JXT excels! Deeply committed to serving our commercial AND government customers, we pride ourselves in understanding your requirements to design products and offer technical solutions that optimize your organization and provide measureable change.

Examine our e-learning courses for useful training and CE credits and mobile apps for use on-the-job, as well as our capabilities to enhance government processes. Whether you serve in areas of emergency response, community health care, air travel, security, military command, equipment operation… or others… let us deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced answer to your needs. We look forward to working with you!
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What Our Customers Are Saying . .
"JXT has been instrumental in creating interactive educational materials for health care professionals in areas of particular interest to those involved in emergency preparedness. We have confidence in the JXT design team."
- Dr. Katherine Cauley, Director of the Center for Healthy Communities, Wright State University

"I have been impressed with the professionalism, energy and scientific rigor that JXT has brought to all of the projects I have worked with them on during the past four years. JXT continues to produce exceptional outcomes in both commercial and academic arenas."
-  Dr. Jeffery B. Allen, Clinical Neuropsychologist

"My connections with JXT over the past 10 years have been extremely professional and beneficial. I find them dedicated to resolving customer problems with quality results, and dedicated to integrity in their dealings. JXT is passionate about helping people do their jobs better so that our community profits"
- Leanne Nash, EMSC/FPO, City of West Carrollton, OH

"My interactions with the staff of JXT Applications, Inc have been incredible so far. I have only been associated with JXT Applications for a short time but I have found them extremely responsive to my comments and questions. The staff has been very willing to listen to my input, to learn from my experiences and to translate that into a product that I am very proud to have had some involvement with."
- Michael T. Hannigan, Fire Chief, Lebanon Fire Division

JXT has shown me they care about the customer and providing high quality products! They have placed a significant importance on helping Emergency Responders by fielding products to assist them with Emergency Response, patient care and training. They don’t just roll these out, they put them through the paces to ensure they work, every time and any time needed in the field.
- Jacob King, Fire Chief Bethel Township Fire Department

Enhancing Goals in:

• Emergency Medicine
• Training and e-learning
• Cognitive Engineering
• Human Factors Engineering
• Mobile Tools & Technologies

JXT’s expertise and continuing partnerships with industry and universities provide YOU knowledge and equipment for the most effective AND affordable solution. Our succcess shows in our sponsorship by a wide range of organizations in both commercial and government sectors.

Explore our “Capabilities” page to determine how we may serve you!
Continuing Education and Mobile Tools for:

• Emergency Medical
• Fire & Rescue
• Public Safety
• Community Health
• Disaster Response & Mass Casualties

JXT has interfaced closely with users in real-life environments to provide practical tools with valuable information at affordable costs. We are confident you will find our products relevant, effective, AND flexible.

Check out our online courses and mobile offerings to evaluate which one most benefits YOUR need!

Check Out Our Featured Products Below

Inspect IT App
Designed for fire and building inspectors or plant managers with periodic facility requirements, Inspect-It captures and stores a variety of information. Whether you choose the basic or advanced version, this complete product fulfills your needs.  

• Includes NFPA safety codes

Advanced Includes:
• Customize to local specs
• Camera and email functions


Triage and Transport App
EMTs, paramedics, and DMAT will depend on QT2, a product crucial for use in training exercises or response to a mass casualty. Enhance skills with QT2’s ability to assemble a rescue force, perform triage, and manage all victim and event information.


• Select teams, vehicles, hospitals
• Store & email victim/event data


Quik-E-Meds App
Quik-E-Meds fills a critical need for both advanced EMTs and Paramedics. Use this simple and effective tool to select meds and calculate dosages for children and adults.


• AHA & PALS recommended meds
• Meds for HAZMAT exposure
• Automatic pound/kg exchange
• Storage of victim meds & data
• Ability to email event history


Designed for nurses in varied health settings, PROTECT offers interactive instruction. Your skills will improve by noting patient symptoms and choosing protective actions during a health crisis. Approved for 1.33 continuing education hours.


• Patient scenarios & action options
• Learner actions vs. Expert Path
• PPE types, uses, and cautions
• Incident reporting procedures