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What Our Customers Are Saying . .
"JXT has been instrumental in creating interactive educational materials for health care professionals in areas of particular interest to those involved in emergency preparedness. We have confidence in the JXT design team."
- Dr. Katherine Cauley, Director of the Center for Healthy Communities, Wright State University

"I have been impressed with the professionalism, energy and scientific rigor that JXT has brought to all of the projects I have worked with them on during the past four years. JXT continues to produce exceptional outcomes in both commercial and academic arenas."
-  Dr. Jeffery B. Allen, Clinical Neuropsychologist

"My connections with JXT over the past 10 years have been extremely professional and beneficial. I find them dedicated to resolving customer problems with quality results, and dedicated to integrity in their dealings. JXT is passionate about helping people do their jobs better so that our community profits"
- Leanne Nash, EMSC/FPO, City of West Carrollton, OH

"My interactions with the staff of JXT Applications, Inc have been incredible so far. I have only been associated with JXT Applications for a short time but I have found them extremely responsive to my comments and questions. The staff has been very willing to listen to my input, to learn from my experiences and to translate that into a product that I am very proud to have had some involvement with."
- Michael T. Hannigan, Fire Chief, Lebanon Fire Division

JXT has shown me they care about the customer and providing high quality products! They have placed a significant importance on helping Emergency Responders by fielding products to assist them with Emergency Response, patient care and training. They don’t just roll these out, they put them through the paces to ensure they work, every time and any time needed in the field.
- Jacob King, Fire Chief Bethel Township Fire Department

Community Health

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Personal Protection & Incident Reporting during Pandemic Influenza (PROTECT©) is an on-line continuing education (CE) course for Nurses. It contains interactive nurse-patient simulations in Urgent Care, Physicians Office, and School Health Clinic scenarios. It’s designed to heighten situation awareness by leading the learner to recognize dangerous patient conditions, take appropriate safeguards, properly select and use personal protective equipment (PPE) when needed and report incidents to proper authority
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